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Food  & Beverage

Oz Has worked with Chefs Big and small, from Marco Pierre White, Gary Rhodes, Osama El Said, to his Aunt Jemima...

Oz is happy to work with or without a food stylist, and the vast majority of photos on this site are both styled and photographed by Oz, and sometimes with the help of a professional chef.

That being said, many times a food stylist frees up the photographer to work quicker and concentrate on lighting or general composition, so when budgets allow for a good food stylist,

shoot rates can be higher.

i.e. more shots in a day, cost per shot can sometimes be cheaper.

Another rule of thumb:

the 'Faster' the food, the higher the requirement to go the food-stylist route.

(if you've ever thought about what goes into a burger shoot you will understand)

If you are not sure which direction to go, Give Oz Newcombe a call and have a quick chat

on +971506511831

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